Cancer Research on Prevention and Treatment    2022, Vol. 49 Issue (06) : 522-527     DOI: 10.3971/j.issn.1000-8578.2022.21.1456
Advances in Treatment of Brain Metastasis from Lung Cancer
SUN Junzhao, CHENG Gang, ZHANG Jianning
Department of Neurosurgery, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Beijing 100853, China
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Abstract Lung cancer is the malignant tumor with the highest incidence and mortality in China, and is prone to brain metastasis in the process of disease development, which seriously affects the quality of life and survival of patients. The treatment methods for brain metastasis of lung cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, whole brain radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy, antiangiogenesis therapy, etc. It’s one of the research hotspots to choose reasonable and effective treatment schemes for different patients. This paper reviews the research progress in the treatment of brain metastasis from lung cancer, to provide reference for selecting more reasonable clinical treatment for the patients.
Keywords Lung cancer      Brain metastasis      Whole brain radiotherapy      Stereotactic radiosurgery      Targeted therapy      Immunotherapy      Antiangiogenesis therapy     
ZTFLH:  R734.2  
Issue Date: 15 June 2022
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SUN Junzhao,CHENG Gang,ZHANG Jianning. Advances in Treatment of Brain Metastasis from Lung Cancer[J]. Cancer Research on Prevention and Treatment, 2022, 49(06): 522-527.
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SUN Junzhao
ZHANG Jianning
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