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    Established in 1973

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    Health Commission of Hubei Province
    Hubei Cancer Hospital
    Chinese Anti-Cancer Association
    Editorial Board of Cancer Research on Prevention and Treatment
    Wei Shaozhong

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About Journal
  •      "Cancer Research on Prevention and Treatment" was created in 1973, as the first independent national professional academic journal about cancer research. It was in charged by Health Commission of Hubei Province, and hosted by Hubei Cancer Hospital and Chinese Anti-cancer Association. This journal is a Chinese Papers and Statistics Science and Technology Source journal, a best medical journal of Hubei Province, and China Anti-cancer Association series. It is indexed by Scopus (Netherland), DOAJ (Sweden), EBSCO (the United States), ProQuest (the United States), CA (the United States), Ulrichweb (the United States), CABI (Britain), JSTChina (Japan),  IC (Poland), HINARI (Switzerland) and all major databases. 

        The Editorial Board includes academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Lu Shixin, Liu Xinyuan, Sun Yan HAO Xishan and other tumor scientists in China, more than 70 authoritative experts. And more than 200 domestic and foreign scholars with edge-cutting knowledge and broad impacts on various fields of cancer research compose expert team of reviewers, who play an unparalleled role to ensure the quality of this journal.

         "Cancer Research On Prevention and Treatment” mainly report national and international latest research results and new progress, facing research-oriented readers and professional medical staff in Cancer research.

         The main sections include: thematic forums, basic research, clinical research, clinical diagnosis, clinical, epidemiological, research briefings, technical communications, abstracts, review, short case, and communications. It is a mirror and window for the field of cancer research on prevention and treatment.

         By the end of 1969, in the care of Premier Zhou Enlai, the 3rd National Working Conference on the cancer research was held. As a result, the National Cancer Research Office was established with the charge of Li Bing. In order to strengthen links with the provinces and cities to exchange experiences and information, under the auspices of Li Bing, the "tumor presentation of work" edited by the National Cancer Prevention Office was founded editor-in-chief by Office tumor, issued from time to time. With total 18 issues, this journal is the predecessor of “Cancer Research On Prevention and Treatment". At this time, the cancer research was being carried out across the country. Since 1971, including Henan, Shanxi, Sichuan, Anhui and Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other 17 provinces and cities, survey were conducted in the different frames, and some cities organized to carry out thematic coordination group, focusing on the causes, early diagnosis and treatment methods for cancers. In September of 1972, a national anti-cancer drug experience-sharing sessions was held and a special issue “Brief Reports of Cancer Research" for this purpose. Although cancer research at that time was only at a very immature stage, anti-0cancer researchers and staffs showed the determination across the country to fight cancer tumor tremendous. Under such circumstances, " Brief Reports of Cancer Research " obviously did not meet the needs of the development of national cancer research. Thus, Li Bing and his colleagues discussed and decided to change “Brief Reports of Cancer Research” to a regular journal, titled as e "Cancer Research On Prevention and Treatment". Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guo Moluo, wrote specifically for the title, which is still in use.

         From 1972 to the end of 1978, “ Cancer Research On Prevention and Treatment” was sponsored by the National Cancer Research Office and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Institute. At the autumn of 1972, the first meeting of the editorial board assigned Li Bing as the editor-in-chief and Li Baorong as the Editorial Director. Since then, a plenary meeting of Editorial Board is held annually, with themes of evaluation of the work, exchange experiences, development of an annual editorial plan and academic reports.

         The meeting of Editorial Board found not only effective solutions to the work of the magazine itself, but also play a catalytic role to the local cancer research.
    In June of 1978, the journal sponsor, Cancer Institute Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, accepted the Chinese Medical Association commissioned for founding of the "Chinese Journal of Oncology.” Due to its limited editorial strength, it is difficult to bear at the same time the edition of two journals for the Institute (which is also in charge of editorial work "Foreign branch of Oncology medical reference"), so that these two journals were decided to be transferred to other units. One year later, in 1979, "Cancer Research on Prevention and treatment" journal was transferred to the Cancer Institute of Shanxi Province. But this journal did not stay long in Shanxi, three years later in 1982, the Ministry of Health's Office of Cancer Research on Prevention and Treatment commissioned by the Cancer Hospital of Hubei Province to take over the journal, with Professor Zhang Minghu as the editor-in-chief.

         From then on, "Cancer Research on Prevention and treatment" opened a new chapter. With the development of cancer research on prevention and treatment, new findings and new results continue to emerge. In order to shorten the reporting cycle, the editorial board carried out the revision to expand the capacity, from 1994 quarterly to bi-monthly magazine, from 1998 of 64 to 80 yards, International A4 format was changed in 1999, and it turned to be a changed monthly from 2004.

         To keep pace with the trend of development of new technologies, began in 1998, " Cancer Research on Prevention and treatment " journal has been included into the Chinese Academic Journal (CD), the Chinese academic literature published in the total library network, the digital Wangfan CJFD, Chinese scientific and technical journals database such as large databases of all, the beginning of the realization of paper-based version, CD-ROM, network version of the synchronization issue.

         In 2008, " Cancer Research on Prevention and treatment " has built its own independent website, and then editing and publishing were transferred to the network, to achieve a real sense of the network-based, paperless office.
    With the completion of an independent and open website, " Cancer Research on Prevention and treatment " has a new set foot on stage of the network, efficient communication and dissemination.

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